Red Guard Security is proud to offer the following services

 Supply of armed and unarmed security officers

 Cash-in-transit services

 Installation of alarm systems for commercial and domestic applications

 24 hour monitoring with armed reaction services

 Installation of digital camera systems

 Installation of fire detection equipment

 Installation of electronic sliding gate motors, garage door motors and electronic locks with intercom systems

 Installation of digital intercommunication systems for schools and old age homes etc

 Installation of access control systems, installation of biometric technology (fingerprint readers)

 Installation and maintaining of electric fences

Response Division
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Red Guard Security currently employ 61 armed response personnel working in Queenstown, Ezibeleni, Cofimvaba, Engcobo, Lady Frere and Whittlesea. Red Guard Security is able to provide a superior reaction service to these communities. With all response officers adequately trained to perform the duties called for in such a unique division.

Our response officers in Queenstown work in teams of two officers per reaction vehicle during night shifts and one officer during day shifts. Whilst all our branches have 2(two) reaction officers per shift during the day and night shifts. All our response teams have had much success in apprehending criminals on behalf of our clients and the greater community.

Included in this service, Red Guard Security often assists in community policing and assist the SAPS in recovering stolen vehicles, assisting in the apprehension of stock thieves and other crimes. We at Red Guard Security are very proud of our response officers. These dedicated and loyal staff members are prepared to go the extra mile on behalf of our valued clients.

Cash in Transit Division
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We currently employ 14 CIT officers whom are trained and equipped to provide our customers with a First Class service. We service a large number of Queenstown businesses and a few surrounding businesses in the rural areas surrounding Queenstown on a daily basis.

We provide services to a large variety of clients, which includes businesses in the retail sector, the public sector and the commercial banking sector. Our company has ensured that our staff are well trained and equipped with the best possible equipment to provide these services. We make use of 4 armour plated vehicles to transport all cash from our clients to their respective banking institutions.

Guarding Division

RED Guard Security currently renders armed and unarmed security guards in: Queenstown, Engcobo, Cofimvaba, Lady Frere, Whittlesea, Aliwal North and Molteno. In our guarding division we have a large number of staff, whom are all well trained and equipped to handle all situations.

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Red Guard employs a guarding manager, 7 (seven) guarding supervisors and a training manager. We also make use of a guard patrol monitoring system for premises, which has enhanced the way that we manage our sites. Thus the security guard onsite is forced to do regular patrols and these get recorded in our 24 Hour control room and any missed points or patrols are immediately investigated.

All guarding staff attend a daily parade, where staff are inspected and given counselling etc. for the day’s job ahead of them. Our guarding supervisors are on duty 24 hours a day and ensure that our guarding staff are on their various sites and performing their duties correctly.

We have also starting using CCTV cameras to enhance our guarding services. We are even able to watch certain guarding sites from our 24 hour control room to ensure that a superior service is being delivered.

Technical Division
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Red Guard Security’s Technical Department has grown over the past few years.
This department has a technical director, technical manager and 18 (eighteen) technicians. We make use of a very specialised software program, namley Wathcmanager. This program has allowed us to take control of our jobcards and improve our standards.

Futhermore, all our technicians continuously receive inhouse training to ensure that the company stays in touch with new developments in the security industry.

The Red Guard Security 24 Hour control centre
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The 24 Hour control centre has evolved at a rapid pace over the past few years. We can boast with some of the most techonologically advanced equipment available in the security industry. Red Guard Security is one of a select few companies in the Eastern Cape to install the latest Surguard III base stations in its control centre.

Our Radio Data Communications radio network has also been upgraded to accommodate the latest technology available in the area. We have also recently installed 2 (two) GPRS Modems, which allow us to make use of GPRS Modules to be installed on our clients alarm system and ultimately improve our communication from their alarm systems.

The control centre is manned on a 24 hour basis, with at least three staff members on duty at all times. Our software programme assists our controllers to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible. This software product, namely ‘Watch Manager’ which has been developed by Graham Smith from Durban is a top class system.

We have been greatly assisted by the input from Smith, which has resulted in Red Guard Security being able to streamline its control centre. We are also able to keep our clients in touch with what happens on their alarm system by sending them an SMS signal with respective signals received from their alarm systems. An additional facility available to clients is the feature of allowing alarm printouts to be emailed directly to clients – thus allowing our clients to monitor their staff members.

24 Hour remote off-site camera room
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Red Guard Security has an off-site digital camera control room setup within our control centre. The system allows us to stream live feeds via a Wi-Fi link directly into our control room. The Geovision system will allow the control room to view live images from different premises and communicate with security guards on site.

Our remote off-site service can be obtained on a permanent basis or on an alarm verification basis. The alarm verification basis will allow Red Guard to connect to the camera system once an alarm signal is received from the premises. The digital camera system on the premises can be connected either via an ADSL modem (through Telkom) or through a Wi-Fi network.

Red Guard Security is in the process of developing this service within our business as the demand from our clients keep growing.

Human Resources Department
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Our HR Department has grown in proportion with the growth of our business over the past few years. We now employ 5 staff members who are responsible for the daily operations of our large workforce.

With a large workforce we make use of Easyroster software, which enables us to manage the deployment of our staff and the daily rostering of staff to each client’s site. We also make use of LabourPro, which is a software program used to ensure that we have full control of the disciplinary aspect of our entire workforce.

This department works very closely with our Operations Director and Operations Manager to ensure that we provide an efficient service to our guarding clients.