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Red Guard Security was established when the late Beverley-Anne van Schoor bought over the Queenstown branch of Red Alert Security in 1986. Red Alert Security is a national company with their headquarters in East London.

Initially, the company only provided security guards and a cash-in-transit service to the Queenstown community. Back in the late eighties the company operated from 5 Joubert Street for a number of years and during this time, all operations were carried out with the use of one Toyota Stallion TUV.

In 1994, Allister and Lester van Schoor joined the company and ventured into the electronic alarms industry. This was a good move for the company and by 1998, a major step followed with the purchase of Queenstown Security Systems, which had the majority of alarm clients in Queenstown. After this major acquisition, Red Guard Security became the leader in the provision of security services in Queenstown.

Red Guard Security moved into our current Ebden Street offices in 2000. This property has since been upgraded to best suit the needs of the company and has seen many alterations done. The staff complement has grown in number and the client base of the company has grown in proportion to the number of staff employed.

The youngest of the three brothers, Shane van Schoor, joined the company in 2002 and recently became a member of the Close Corporation.

Red Guard Security prides itself on being a family business with three brothers and two wives working in the company on a daily basis. Red Guard Security currently employs a large workforce.